Children of one voice

Children of one voice
all crying out
Asking to learn
what's right from wrong

If we don't teach them
then where will they learn?
Maybe on the street
or worse--from a jail term.

We hear all the bad things
that other kids do
We even know someone
who does them too
When they commit crimes
some petty, some not
Are they crying out for help
or just high on pot?

Children need love
but must learn obedience too
Respect for their elders
and law and order ensue

Children must be taught
while they're still young
'Cause what's "cute" at nine
can mean jail later on

Parents, wake up,
it may not be too late
To instill some values
in your child today

You'll be doing the world a favor
as well as yourselves
For the children of one voice
are crying out for your help

© 4/86 Edward E. Weinblum
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