Most people are blind
even those who can see
They have nothing to show
why? they don't know

Maybe the moron
ignorant in his bliss
Is to be envied
rather than dismissed

Just look around
just look at life
A lot of unhappiness
a lot of strife

What's to become of us?
does anybody care?
Do we continue on blindly?
do we dare?

Can we improve?
can we get better?
Will we survive?
or will we get deader?

These are questions
that no one seems to answer
They're eating away at us
like a terrible cancer

The answer I see
is one of understanding
Of love, of goodwill
and a bit of tolerating

The differences of all people
from sea to sea
Can be reduced
if we would just admit the truth

No one is better or worse
because of religion or race
We're all God's children
that's something we need to face

If we don't come together
life can't get better
It soon will all end
yet it could have been so grand.

© 1998 Edward E. Weinblum
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