Children from around the world
crying out but never heard
Stop this madness, before it's too late
enough of bombs, enough of hate

We want to live, but you're decreasing our chance
you politicians are bringing on our last dance
Why are you doing this? For money and power?
Is that a reason to bring on our last hour?

Wherever you look there is nothing but trouble
who'll push the button to bring on the bubble?
Iraq or America, it doesn't matter when you're dead
we must cry out louder, we must stop being led

We must stand together, reach out for one another
sister to sister, brother to brother
We are after all, one big family
in the eyes of God, we are all humanity

So let's shout it out loud
we don't want that mushroom cloud
Say the words clear
make sure that all can hear

Enough is enough
is what we should be saying
No matter which nationality and religion
we should all be praying

Stop making bombs
we have more than we need
Give us a chance to grow up and live
not a chance to grow up and bleed

Our leaders all over the world
are killing us today
So kids, grow up quick
maybe you'll save the day.

©  5/86 Edward E. Weinblum
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