The fat cat gets fatter

We're all victims
Don't you see
In a land that is supposed to be
A democracy

While it's still true
That our nation is better than the rest
The next few years
Will be a true test

Crime is up
Punishment is down
Do-gooders are busy
Running around town

Worrying about who owns a gun
Who's having an abortion
Who's reading pornography
Instead of who's studying geography

Our schools don't teach
Our preachers don't preach
Our daily needs
Are no longer within reach

Our people are homeless
Many live in the streets
While our taxes support drug dealers
In South American retreats

Dictators are kept in power
All over the world
And the tax dollars we bring
Keeps their own people suffering

Is this what we want
Our government to be doing?
Is this where our taxes
should be going?

We should help our own first
Then help our friends
And not those who like us
only when we pay the rent

Like our good friends
The Germans, the French and Spain,
Syria, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Iran
To think of them as friends is truly insane

We dump on our true friends
The Israelis and the Canadians
And we let Castro send in
Another few thousand illegal aliens

Does any of this
Make any sense?
Why does it happen?
Because of dollars and cents

They keep us busy
With the sex lives of Clinton and Lewinski
We wonder what's the matter
While the fat cat gets fatter.

© 1/99 Edward E. Weinblum
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