I walked out on life
I was through with it all
But then I came upon the face
And it hit me, like a bat hits a ball

It was the face of an angel
That was plain to see
I saw at once
Here was my Oklahoma Baby

I set out to meet her
But try as I might
There seemed to be no interest
I might as well have been out of sight

I kept on, of course
I was determined, you see
To win the love
of my Oklahoma Baby

And then it happened
On Valentine's Day
Our first date, at last
And an end to the past

It was, as I knew
An earth-shaking event
It's almost as if our love
Were heaven-sent

So you out there
No need to despair
Just keep your eyes open, be ready to see
Your very own, Oklahoma Baby.

©  6/92 Edward E. Weinblum
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