Like A Country Song

I can understand how it might be
kind of hard to love a guy--like me,
and I really don't blame you, much, for wanting to be free.

I just want you to know
that I've loved you right from the start.
It's my own fault for what happens to my heart.
There's no reason to feel woe...I've always known you'd go.

I don't want you to feel sad, you have no reason to feel bad.
Our being together for as long as it lasts really isn't wasted,
it feels good to know that a bit of life has been tasted,
for though we only recently met,
you've made it possible for me to forget
all the heartaches of the past.

I used to think--if only it will last, if only it will last,
but all the time I knew that it was too good to be true
because right from the start, I felt that one day we would part.

Still, knowing that I can love again--
which I didn't think was possible before meeting you--
has given me something to look forward to
'cause now I know it can happen again at any time,
and I hope that it will happen for you.

Even when you don't treat me like you should--
I know you don't mean to--you just have ways to make me feel no good.

What you should really know is that
I've had my eyes wide open from the start
and being together has been good.

Above all, you've never lied to me,
and the part of you that most people will never
be lucky enough to see,
is the part you've shown to me.

You have returned to me something precious--
the ability to love--
as precious as my memories will always be of you.

So, when you feel that the day has come,
you just do what you have to do--my wild, sweet love--
though it may mean that I'll never kiss
those sweet lips again.

Pay it no mind,
just find that dream of yours,
be happy always,
and come back and see me--when you can.

©  4/92 Edward E. Weinblum
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